Morality Tales About Animals and Other Various Supernatural Beings

Does the friendship between a hedgehog and a bear lead to anything good? Will the hedgehog fare better with a fox, or the bear with a squirrel? These and many other pressing questions trouble the curious mind, thirsting for timeless moral compasses, yet failing to find them at the playground, in school, at the vocational college, or among orc friends in the world of Warcraft. And here, surprisingly, our smaller brethren come to the rescue – badgers and martens, hardworking cats and rabbits rushing home early from work to their loving mate and adorable little bunnies, chef moles, talking wild boars, and wise owls. Each of them has their own story, their own moral lesson. Don’t dismiss them with contempt, buddy, or the bear might just accidentally befriend you too!

“Looking at you all, I can’t help but think…”